Live Sound Reinforcement

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Live Sound Reinforcement

Post by LoonyJosh on December 19th 2007, 5:25 pm

Hey folks

Please post an introduction of yourself and your experience in the music/sound field.. whether you're a musician / sound engineer / music enthusiast - we want to hear from you!

For me.. here's my introduction:

I became involved in the engineering field in 1998, in elementary school. I began working for my church, an international church soon after and helped out as much as I could, carrying equipment and assisting where I could. A year later I was promoted to one of the department engineers and two years later, promoted to Chief Sound Engineer of a subsidiary department of the Rhema Sound Department. 2000 kids on any given Sunday, 5-6 venues. 15 hours, 6-30am to 9pm with a two hour break in the afternoon. Mixing sound on a multi-venue church campus.

I was responsible for the entire department and the administration, troubleshooting, training, all aspects of said department.

I have been given the opportunity to mix live bands ranging from South African bands who have made international status, to international Christian artists such as Israel Houghton and Reuben Morgan. I have mixed studio and live gigs and have assisted in the setting up of various rigs, one for a 40 000 seater auditorium. Houses of Worship are what I have learnt mostly in.

Next year it will be 10 years that I have been in the sound engineering field, God given talent and training.

I worked fulltime for Rhema Ministries until May 2006. I now freelance as a sound engineer and will be involved in running sound for a church in the near future.

I have compiled a manual from my knowledge and experience, and also from other manuals and training courses I have attended. The manual is written on basic sound engineering and I have facilitated courses in basic sound engineering for churches and individuals.

I was taught and learnt everything i know about sound from Andrew Sorrill, Manager and Chief Sound Engineer of the Rhema Sound Department.


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